Friday, April 3, 2009

Strap Perfect

Have you seen these commercials for Strap Perfect. Cute blond, great bust line, unsightly bra strap. She needs Strap Perfect to keep her bra straps together (to create a kind of racer back bra) to keep them from showing and as an added bonus, she appears to increase her bust and fill out the great little top she's wearing. So here's me....trying to put on the Strap Perfect. Well, let's just say they won't be picking ME to do a commercial (maybe a youtube video though). One of the ways you can put on the Strap Perfect is to put on your bra and then try to clip the thing behind your back. That's the way the cute blond does it. But not me. It was taking me an extra 10 minutes to get out the door just because I kept shooting the clip across the bathroom while I was trying to attach it. Feeling kind of silly, I dug around in the box and pulled out the instructions. There was a second way to put on the Strap Perfect. This is where the video may have gotten funny. If you turn your bra around backwards, you can hook it on and then turn the bra around WITH the Strap Perfect in place and wa - la. Perfect bust line, no slipping straps. I think I took off part of my boob when I was trying to turn it back around. Anyway...I must say, that wearing my bra has never felt this comfortable (truly, I'm not exaggerating) and I think my boobs do look a little perkier. If that's even possible when you've had 3 Fraps. Like you really wanted to know so much about my boobs. I'm going to give the Strap Perfect an A+ (even though it did take me a little practice). I purchased mine at Walgreen's for $9.99 which I think is a little cheaper than what it is advertised for on TV - go on - go buy some!


Sally said...

I still haven't tried's just sitting in the cabinet in the bathroom. maybe when I'm done nursing...glad you like it. Mom loves hers, too!! =)

Carri said...

Sounds like I would have to try it in a room with no windows and no one else at home, I'm sure I'd feel just as silly adn be just as humorous