Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All Dried Up

I have nothing informational, thought-provoking or entertaining to share. Well I do have one thing I could share....it's HOT! Like 98 degrees or something today - hello....it's only April. Wish the neighbors would hurry up and finish their new pool and invite my kids over. :)


Amber said...


And yes, it is HOTT!! It should NOT be this hot yet.

Amber said...

Oh ya, when they invite you over, call me so I can tag along. ;)

Mocha Freak said...

haha ...I wonder if that's what my neighbors were thinking this weekend while my kids were screamin' and hollerin' in the pool...AND THEIR MOMMA WAS a'cacklin...MUDSLIDIN'... POOLSIDE. he he. (.)