Friday, February 13, 2009

Is it a sin?

Is it a sin to find out what Mr. Coffee bought for Valentine's Day? I wasn't looking for anything when I checked our online banking and found out where he'd been shopping at. So I'm hoping it's not a sin, but if those flowers are delivered anywhere else besides our front door, there will definitely be some sinning going on. There'll be some pain and illegal use of kitchen utensils. (Well...... you know I don't use them for cooking, so I might as well use them for something useful!) AN UPDATE: I did receive some beautiful tulips and a great night out to dinner. So no kitchen utensils were used to harm or cook during the evening. :)

Making the House Mom Proud

Yesterday Mocha Frap decided to find something to wear to school since he didn't like what I picked out. He did a great job matching the shirt and pants - red shirt with gray design and matching gray in the pants. Very handsome, yet very familiar. So I asked Mocha Frap where he got those clothes from.....yes, you guessed it.....the dirty clothes hamper. Said he had only worn them a couple days ago (in the SAME school week). I tried to talk him into at least putting on a different shirt. "Oh no Mom, this is fine!" So in an effort to let my child grow up, find his way in this world and be independent, I dutifully took him to school in the dirty clothes. Now they didn't smell or look dirty!!!! We do have our pride, ya know. I always say, "We're all just one step out of the trailer park."