Monday, December 8, 2008

School System

I'm so annoyed by our school system some days. I'm OK with rules until they cramp my style. For Mocha Frap has missed many days of school that are all documented and excused by the various specialists he sees at the children's hospital. So the school sends us a letter that I need to appear before the SARB Board (Student Attendance Review Board) and discuss my child's truancy problems. Are you kidding me? Like I don't know where my own 9 year old has been and don't have all the doctor's co-pays to prove it. Well Ms. SARB Board Chair....if you know something the doctor's don't and can keep my child healthy so he can come to your school everyday, then let's have it. Honestly I know the Board exists for a reason, but they're cramping my style tomorrow morning at 10:30am. I've got things to do (since I couldn't get them done when the Mocha Frap was home with me or I was toting him around to a multitude of appointments). And besides....he's a straight A show me where's the problem. What's that??? Oh you don't get any money for him from the state when he's not there? Oh, I'm sorry. Take some of that cookie dough fundraiser money we've doled out in the last few years and go buy something with it, why don't cha??

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