Wednesday, December 10, 2008

School System Part II

So I went to the school yesterday for our official SARB meeting with the SARB Board which consisted of two people....yup...that's right....two. And they tell me that my Mocha Frap has been absent 4 times. All of which were excused. They took approximately 7 minutes to share that info and then wasted 20 more minutes talking about what they would have to do IF the absences weren't excused and IF we weren't caring, concerned parents. OK, thanks for wasting my time and screwing up my morning. Really...couldn't they have just sent home a letter or maybe just called????? Unbelievable! What a freakin' waste of time! Oh and then they read off the comments from the form the teacher had to fill out. What a waste of time for the teacher - yes, their son has been absent 4 times - yes, their son is a straight A student - yes, the mother emails me and let's me know why he's absent and I send home homework with the other Mocha or Strawberry Frap. What an education system!

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