Saturday, November 7, 2009


Original post 6/15/09
Since Mr. Coffee has been out of a job, I TRIED to put him to work by asking him to "fix" the BBQ. It wasn't working and I thought him being a guy....well...that he would consider that a "man's job." So I waited a couple weeks and then got frustrated one night and tried to "fix" it myself.

Blew my hair right off my head. Yup, that's what I did and some of my eyebrow too. I had an appointment to go see the hair stylist the next day - so I thought I should tell him why there were little pieces of hair framing my face. Being a man, he of course had to give me a couple "pointers" on how to start the BBQ the next time. Gee thanks.

But let me tell you, the Frat House Mom got dinner on the table that night singed hairs and all. Made myself proud. And Mr. Coffee...I don't think he even felt bad for me. In fact, when I pointed the little singed pieces out to him said, "Oh, ya I see them...they just look like gray hairs." What a guy thing to say!!!

UPDATE November 7, 2009
Since I have been busted and am no longer a secret blogger...I must edit my post to include Mr. Coffee's thoughts on my BBQ experience. He says he DID check out the functionality of the BBQ before I blew my hair off and that it was clear that I wasn't injured and therefore there wasn't really anything to say to me (and my singed hair).  My (now grown out) singed hair and I stand corrected.


Shannon said...

Oh wow! That story just made me laugh. I hope you are laughing about it now too. I would be a little peeved about the hair, and really freaked by the BBQ. Oh, and what a man thing to say.. sheesh. Have a great day! :)

Mocha Freak said...

Boo for husbands busting us on our blogs. I'm saying three hail Mary's and hoping for the best. lol. My catholic friends told me that oughta work.

Its So Very Cheri said...

Vey cute blog and I will follow. Love the energy you bring. I hope you will come by and follow me too. I love getting to know new people.

Carmen said...

Bwahahaha!! You are SO FUNNY!! "Blew my hair off" LOLOL...
I don't know if I'd be impressed (since he actually checked out the blog), or miffed (since you had to stand corrected). Men!