Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm Sick

So I've been sick off and on for the last week (on drugs for a bronchitis kind of thing), but felt I still hadn't kicked it. So I ran over to the local "urgent care" in hopes I could be in and out in an hour because the Fraps had baseball games. I really wanted to attend since I'd been too sick to go the week before. Sure enough I need another round of antibiotics and the doctor says they should also give me a shot to jump start the healing process. The nurse comes in and I begin to pull up my sleeve and ask, "Which side?" Her response, "Oh no, this doesn't go in your arm." Oh THAT side....right in the old bum cheek. It hurt! Boo hoo! But I do feel much better today. I felt kinda sorry for the nurse. I mean she had to look at my bum. Bless her heart!


Carri said...

ouch, never had one there..never plan on it!

Mocha Freak said...

eye yi yi. Hope the fraps appreciated your efforts... :) Hope you're feelin' better.