Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Did you y'all think I just fell off the face of the earth or what? Yes, I say y'all and I was born and raised in California.

I haven't been doing anything too fun or crafty lately. Just been taking care of sick kids, kids with stitches, and now my old sick self (*cough, cough*). Drat those sick kids!

I finally got out to Costco today and what did I see?  A lady talking on her cell phone with her head in the freezer. Yup. I can't even get good telephone reception when I'm inside Costco, much less a freezer inside Costco. I'm waiting and waiting for her to get her frozen food items that aren't going to be frozen for anyone else if she doesn't hurry up. All I wanted was a box of Bagel Bites and she's carrying on a phone call. She finally pulls her head out of the freezer WITHOUT anything in her hand. Geez lady!

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