Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Facebook Addict

I'm a Facebook addict. I admit it. Laundry and dishes aren't  done around here because I am addicted  don't want to clean up anyone's crap anymore. So last night I posted my thoughts on my little status update thingy.

It said....Frat House Mom is waiting for the Dish Fairy to come and clean the kitchen. There IS one, right??? We have Santa, Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny. There has GOT to be a Dish Fairy.

I thought I was being all cutesy, silly, funny and that everyone would "get" me. I'd say most did, but I did get one comment that kind of put me in my place. I truely wish I had something witty to say in response, but I don't. If you do....please leave me a comment.

Ahem.... I quote....

"I try to thank God all the time for my blessings, including the dishes. We could be eating on disposable all the time, or only having 1 plate per person. Doing them with a good attitude shows your boys how to choose a a wife who doesn't complain! I try to use this same attitude with ironing too. I have started to pray for my hubby while ironing his shirts. I'm so thankful we can go a week or more and still have clothes in the closet to wear. Once the messes are gone, so are the kids! Savor every moment, it won't last forever.

Here are MY issues with her comment:

1 - Disposable all the time???  (GASP) She says that like it's a problem.
2 - I didn't complain in front of my boys. Only on Facebook. And if I did complain....wouldn't that help them to find a "non-complainer"? I mean, who wants to marry a complainer like their mother?
3 - I do pray for Mr. Coffee - just not while ironing. I need to get on my knees for that 'cause he needs A LOT of prayer (just kidding, Mr. C.)

It's not the first time I've been chided for being my silly self. I'm just trying to keep it real and real Frat House Mom's know that living with all guys (or ANY kiddies for that matter) is a stretching experience and that every once in awhile, ya gotta tell it like it is and be a little transparent.

Gotta go order a pizza for KNOW I'm not doing the dishes tonight. ;)


Sally said...

I think I would be tempted to UNFRIEND the holier-than-thou commenter. Whatever - I knew you were being silly. =)

Playing Sublimely said...

I loved, loved, loved getting all your words of encouragment! It is an honor to have people like you coem and visit me in blog land :)! Hope to see you again soon!

Caffeine Court said...

How lame!! I have a Facebook friend who does the same kind of stuff. She loves to play the "I'm such a good person" role, but then she leaves little judgmental comments like that! She does it on my blog too. See if you can find her!

Kristina (Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly) said...

Tell her the 1950's called..they want her back.

♥Amber Filkins♥ said... Seriously, get over yourself Facebook commenter. EVEN IF she really believes that load of crap, she doesn't have to rain on your funny parade. I mean, it's not like you were saying, "I can't wait for these kids to grow up already & get out of my house." Normal people know when someone else is kidding. Holier-than-thou people look to throw shame on anyone else any time they can to make themselves feel better.

I also vote 'unfriend'. But only because a real friend would never do that.

Miki said...

Yikes! I hate getting those put you in your place kind of comments, though I did once go on a rampage of my own when everyone was posting the colors of their bras "in support of Breast Cancer." Just wanted to upfront with you that I might've come across a little judgy...but it was more to demand that people stop posting such personal info where teens, my nephews, husband and brother frequent. If someone said to jump off the Brooklyn Bridge on Facebook, would these same people do it? Anyhoo, I DO have a sense of humor and so do you. Your comment was a joke, obviously. MIKI