Sunday, January 4, 2009

Cindy Crawford

This year I'm saving money (lots of it).....

  • didn't take the Fraps to the movies - I'm waiting for it to come out on DVD.
  • Didn't send the Fraps to a birthday party of an acquaintance.
  • Keeping the house at 63 degrees - it's cold in here!
  • Bought Cindy Crawford's skin care system. Oooppps! I was doing so well until I saw this informercial with Cindy and the French doctor with the one-of-a-kind French melon extract that when slathered on my aging skin will make me look like Cindy. Well.....maybe a fatter Cindy.

And speaking of informercials. There was one with some great Latin music and a gorgeous Latin instructor, but I just couldn't get my fat arse off the couch to go get the phone for that call. And everyone on the informercial had the most amazing abs - even this gal who said she'd birthed 7 children. Well since I only have 3 Fraps, I think I'll just save my money on that product!

So here's to looking like a younger, fatter Cindy in 2009!


Sally said...

63??!! I would freeze! Of course, hubby always made me keep in much colder before Lil Major came along. Now I insist on 68 24/7...and even warmer in baby's room w/ a space heater. I'm such a wimp.

Mocha Freak said...

girl... you already look like Cindy Crawford and have better skin as it is ...if she could be so lucky to have you as a spokesperson ... Sheesh. I just saw that informercial ... here I thought "meaningful beauty" meant "what's on the inside that counts" ...bah ha ha ha - CLEARLY, I WAS CONFUSED.