Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh how I've missed you

The Fraps have been out of school playing summer baseball for 3 weeks and all we have to show for it are two 1st place trophies and 22 stitches. Yes.....we have 22 stitches between Mr. Coffee and Mocha Frap.

This pretty much describes my life perfectly.

Mr. Coffee was hit by a ball during warm-ups, split his lip completely open, grossed out the kids and continued to coach the game because there weren't any other coaches at the game that night. I took him to the 24 hour Urgent Care - didn't know we had one of those around here, but now I do. Seems like a HouseMom like me should have had that information on speed dial on my phone.   My bad.  So 14 stitches later, we return home.

Then just 9 days later, Mocha Frap nearly severes his finger while closing a fence/gate thingy at another baseball tournment. Urgent Care again with 8 stitches this time and the possibility of losing the end of his finger.

Gee Whiz Peeps! Enough with the drama and blood - I'm not cut out for this job. Seriously....I shouldn't have gone to school to become a teacher. I should have gotten my nursing degree!