Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

She just wasn't feeling the love.......

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Am I A Bad Blogger?

Oh ya.....terrible blogger, but let me tell you......I love, love, love reading all of your stuff. So keep it coming!!!

In the meantime I'm going to go ice my face. Had a couple wisdom teeth out today. I'm very glad that's over! I kinda laughed when they gave me the "after your extractions" form.

* Don't drink anything hot, caffeinated or containing alcohol (I don't drink alcohol, but I may have to if I'm not supposed to have a Pepsi with a straw - see bullet point #2)

* Don't drink anything through a straw (which is EXACTLY what I want to do since half my face is numb)

*Eat soft foods (without slurping or sucking anything cuz I can't use a straw!)

*Do quiet activities that are calming (like that's going to happen! I have 3 boys and 3 dogs.)

I was hoping for some instructions for my family. Something like.....

*Be nice to your mom
*Do all the dishes, laundry and cleaning for at least a week
*Make her dinner
*Give her lots of chocolate

That didn't happen, but a girl can always hope, right???

Monday, September 20, 2010

Am I a Bad Person?

Am I a bad person if I'm so tempted to spray Odor Eaters in one of Strawberry Frap's friend's shoes? The boys play golf together and since we carpool, his shoes are left in my car (cuz you've gotta put on special golf shoes I guess). It took me a couple times to realize what the distinctive odor was in my car. Holy Cow! After they get out of the car, I have to roll down the windows to get a little fresh air. I have a can of the Odor Eater stuff and I could spray his shoes and they'd dry before the boys carpool back to my house in the evening. I mean, if the kid doesn't notice that his shoes smell BAD, would he notice if they smelled a little BETTER?

Oh, I am so tempted.....

Friday, September 17, 2010


I had to do the grossest thing everrrr the other day. I had to go buy mice for the science teacher's pet snake. My Strawberry Frap was supposed to feed the mice in his science teacher's class, but they had a substitute that day and he didn't know where the mice food was, so they died.

Eight of them.
Apparently the snake can't eat DEAD mice, that would make too much sense.

Off I go to find real, live mice (as opposed to dead, frozen mice - didn't know I could buy frozen ones. Can't say that I really needed to know that either.)

The pet store has hundreds of mice and the little college girl sales associate asks me what kind of mice I want to buy. Umm....seriously???  Just live ones, I guess. The thought of purchasing a living thing that will be consumed by another living thing was making me nauseous. I needed to get out of there.

I tried to make conversation with college girl and distract myself from the nauseated feeling I had. I told her I didn't feel right about purchasing these little things and she told me not to worry.

"Mice reproduce every 3 weeks and have litters of 10-20."

 (OMGosh! Can you imagine birthing that often and then having to nurse them all???)

The girl casually puts them in this box that ironically says "live animals" on the side. And I go to the register to pay for something that will be dead shortly.

Thirteen dollars and 80 cents later I carry this "live animals" box to my car and put them in the farthest place away from the driver's seat and turn up the radio. I didn't want to hear them.

After delivering the mice to the school office, I get a call from the science teacher stating that I didn't need to purchase the mice after all. It wasn't Strawberry Fraps responsibility that they died - it was his own.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Little Potty Talk

Bought a new toilet seat 6 months ago. Installed it myself today. Yeah me!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chipped Tooth

The summer would not be complete without one more tragedy at the Frat House. Frap No Whip dove into the SHALLOW end of a friend's pool and chipped his front tooth.

I seriously believe the only reason this happened is because another neighbor chipped his front tooth (while playing IN the water) just a few weeks before and I had thought to myself, "OMGosh kid, how could you have done that to yourself?!?  Hello!!! It's the SHALLOW end. Duh...."

Yes, I thought something like that and then my Frap had to go and DIVE into the shallow end.

That's what I get. And a $156.00 bill.

Sure wish God couldn't read my thoughts sometimes. :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh how I've missed you

The Fraps have been out of school playing summer baseball for 3 weeks and all we have to show for it are two 1st place trophies and 22 stitches. Yes.....we have 22 stitches between Mr. Coffee and Mocha Frap.

This pretty much describes my life perfectly.

Mr. Coffee was hit by a ball during warm-ups, split his lip completely open, grossed out the kids and continued to coach the game because there weren't any other coaches at the game that night. I took him to the 24 hour Urgent Care - didn't know we had one of those around here, but now I do. Seems like a HouseMom like me should have had that information on speed dial on my phone.   My bad.  So 14 stitches later, we return home.

Then just 9 days later, Mocha Frap nearly severes his finger while closing a fence/gate thingy at another baseball tournment. Urgent Care again with 8 stitches this time and the possibility of losing the end of his finger.

Gee Whiz Peeps! Enough with the drama and blood - I'm not cut out for this job. Seriously....I shouldn't have gone to school to become a teacher. I should have gotten my nursing degree!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

One More Day!

Four more hours of freedom
 before the Fraps are home for the summer.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Y'all are so saweet (sweet....get it?).

I just spent 5 days with my Mr. Coffee's grandma and 2 aunts from Mississippi and Alabama. I had to try so hard not to imitate their fantastic Southern drawls - I didn't want them to think I was making fun of them.
Mocha Frap asked me on the way to school one day if they were from Australia? He couldn't place that drawl of theirs. I tried not to laugh in front of him. Australia!!! That kid makes me laugh (and cry....a lot....but that's another blog story).

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So, so sad....

There are some things about this life that I'll never, never understand. I've had two girlfriends lose babies this week. One was about 8 weeks along and the other at 34 weeks. My heart just breaks for these families to lose the baby they wanted and loved. I don't get why God allows those things to happen and I know He's not obligated to tell me either. It is one of those times when I wish I could wrap my little brain around the situation and have it all make sense.

So here's the one thing I do understand....I can pray for these families. I will ask the Lord for His comfort and love to be poured out in their lives and for His peace to surround them throughout the day and night. I am honored to carry these women and their families to the only One who can ease their pain.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yeah for Sandra!

Sandra Bullock and I have never met, but can I just say.....I think this little man is adorable. Here's to you Sandra!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

This one is ALL mine!

I'm only letting you know about this fabulous giveaway because I want you to be jealous happy for me.....I'm totally going to win this. It's so obvious that BOTH Traci at Beneath My Heart AND Lisa Leonard want to give me something, but they need to make it "look good." Probably some legality thing I'm sure. So there's really no need to enter yourself in Traci and Lisa's giveaway. You'll just feel bad when I win and I'm really trying to save you the heartache. I'm nice like that.....